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Dear Terry:

Your professionalism is very much appreciated. The way you hand led the sale and closing of the ten plus acres and house on Lake Blanton which I’d been attempting to sell for many months through another broker deserves more than just a verbal thank you. I want to take the opportunity to thank you in written form.

Especially significant to me is your enthusiasm. When I asked you in early May to make a verbal commitment to sell the property within the month, you made the commitment.  Not only that, you sent to me three proposals or three different offers by the end of that month and made a special trip on June 11th to Atlanta to expediate what appeared to be the best offer. Within a matter of days we had completed negotiations resulting in a signed contract . A few days, later a closing date was confirmed for July 28th.

In addition to your professionalism in handling the sale of my property, I want to mention also that your courtesy with my parents was particularly meaningful to me.

Thank you very much for selling this property quickly , for communicating with me in Atlanta, and for your kindness to my parents. Once again I wish you and Garry every success!

Should I have the opportunity to refer property buyers to your area, you may be sure I will remember you. Also, please feel free to use this note as a referral if you like.

Helen Howay

“Good honest man. Will go the extra mile to help close a deal or help with anything. And he loves  dogs…………. “

Dear Terry ,

Now that you have sold “all” of my land, I thought a note of thanks might be more than appropriate! When I say “all” my land , eighty acres might not seem very big to you, but after unsuccessfully  trying to sell it through two other brokers for almost two years , it was beginning to loom as big as the state of TEXAS!

While I certainly did not anticipate the tremendous effort you would put into selling the property, I think the most pleasant surprise was the personal interest you showed in the land itself . Ultimately, the land moved very quickly, at a price about $600.00 per acre higher than I thought possible, and virtually all the deals were for cash! Remarkable!

As I write this, I realize it’s beginning to read like a testimonial, and if you wish to use it in that manner , please feel free to do so. Your professionalism and integrity are at the top of the list, and as far as I ‘m concerned , you will do an outstanding job regardless of who your client might be. If you wish to use me as a reference, please feel free to do so.


​R. Spencer Brent